Waterford Office

Waterford Office Complex
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This office building, though it appears to be one large structure, is actually several smaller buildings surrounding a two level parking structure.  The group of buildings has a complex structural system necessitated by the requirement that fire trucks be able to access the top level of the garage and have full turning clearance.  The loads and potential vibrations from cars in the central parking garage required isolation between all buildings.  This system required attention to waterproofing throughout.

The arched brickwork along the roofline was formed on site before being lifted into position and secured in place.  The building serves as home to some of the area's most prestigious companies.  The basement level houses a restaurant.  The building offers quality amenities and beautiful landscaped grounds.

Construction Cost:  $4.8 million
Completion:  1984
Architect:  Charles S. Givens Investments, Inc.

Photo courtesy Roger Bondy