St. Elijah Antochian Orthodox Christian Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This church in northwest Oklahoma City includes a sanctuary with seating on a main level and in a balcony.  Adjacent to the Sanctuary is the Fellowship Hall wing, which includes church offices, a kitchen, and a small chapel.  The Fellowship Hall is also used for dining.

The building’s structural system consists of a structural steel frame with light-gage metal stud exterior walls and brick veneer.  Lateral bracing is provided by horizontal girts and diagonal steel tube bracing within the steel stud exterior and interior walls.  A rolled structural steel radial arch system provides the structural support for the copper-covered main dome above the Sanctuary.  The main design features of this church are the steel-framed dome and the masonry arched colonnades.

Construction Cost:  $4.2 million
Completion:  1995
Architect:  Richard R. Brown Associates