Mike D. Thompson, P.E.

Support Staff

C. Sean Campbell

Melinda K. Ferree

Jill E. Nauman

David W. Tarver

Engineering Staff       

Jacob L. Lingo, E.I.

Dale M. Metzinger

Brandon P. Schafer, E.I.

Danny K. St. John, P.E.

Tom C. Weber, E.I.

Angela N. Webster, P.E.


Kristin J. Killgore, P.E., LEED AP

Colby J. Sandburg, P.E.

ZFI Engineering has 300+ combined years of  engineering experience to meet the needs of our clients. Two of the engineers have Ph.D.’s and ten have master’s degrees. Mr. Zahl, who is a licensed architect as well as a professional engineer, has a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a minor in structural engineering.

Combined, our engineers are  licensed in 17 states.

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