OU Devon Energy Hall

OU Devon Energy Hall and Rawl Engineering Practice Facility
Norman, Oklahoma

The Devon Energy Hall serves as instructional and research space for the College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma.  The facility has a five-story conventionally-reinforced concrete pan joist and shear wall structural system.  Special design features include a four-story atrium space and a grand stair supported only at the floor levels.

The Rawl Engineering Practice Facility consists of hands-on laboratory and testing spaces for the College of Engineering.  The facility has a two-story conventionally-reinforced concrete pan joist and moment frame structural system.  Highlights of the design include a two-story-high practice bay area serviced by a three-ton crane and a centrally located, three-story high, automated storage and retrieval system.

Construction Cost:  $20 million
Completion:  2008
Architect:  Miles Associates

Photo courtesy University of Oklahoma