Kingfisher Regional Hospital
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Kingfisher Regional Hospital is a 57,700-sq.-ft. rural replacement hospital facility.  Classified as a Critical Access Hospital, the facility offers the full range of hospital services including a radiology / lab area, surgery, 26-bed hospital, chapel, and emergency room.

Structural and architectural features include a dining room with a two story volume and triangular roof, three clerestory pop-up roofs at emergency entry, emergency waiting, and administration areas, a clerestory with suspended radial soffits at the nurses station, and a concrete half-cylinder chapel containing a two story volume, which provides both an architectural focal point and a structural anchor point for the dining room triangular roof. 

Typically, product literature for surgical light fixtures assumes that the fixture will be anchored to a solid concrete slab.  Since the roof structure that the surgical light fixtures were to mount to in this project was composed of light open-web steel joists and metal deck, and considering the strict deflect limits required by the manufacture for the boom-mounted surgical lights, special surgical light anchoring framing was designed and detailed.

Large exterior canopies were designed for the main entrance and the emergency entrance.

Construction Cost:  $16.7 million
Completion:  2009
Architect:  Miller Architects

Photos courtesy Harris & Foster Photography