Great Lakes NAS Recruit In-Processing Barracks
Great Lakes, Illinois

This was a Design / Build of a new barracks to house new recruits as they are being processed. The barracks holds approximately 680 recruits, 460 men and 120 women. To separate the male and female recruits, the entire second floor is designed to house the men while the women are housed on the first floor. The open-sleeping quarters are designed to be subdivided to provide for more units and thus more recruits at peak load times. Adjacent to the sleeping quarters are toilet facilities including showers, laundry room and gear cleaning areas for support. The facility also includes a kitchen designed for “cook-chill” activities and dining rooms for the recruits as well as separate dining area for visitors and staff. Adjacent to the kitchen/ dining area is the administrative general support areas for the facility.

Construction Cost:  $12 million
Completion:  2001
Architect:  Guernsey

Photos courtesy Guernsey