Ft. Sill 5955

Ft. Sill Starship Barracks Renovation
Lawton, Oklahoma

The project is a renovation of an existing building which includes barracks, classrooms, dining facilities, administrative areas, and training facilities for 1250 trainee soldiers and their commanding officers. The size of each Starship building is over 250,000 square feet. The existing facility is a three-story cast-in-place concrete structure. The exterior wall systems consist of concrete masonry units with brick veneer or architectural pre-cast concrete panels as the veneer.

The renovation of the building included the complete removal and replacement of the building’s main mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructures. This project includes asbestos  /lead base paint removal, life safety upgrades, energy regulations upgrades, interior partitions and finishes upgrades, adding fifteen new classrooms and associated storage spaces, adding five covered 10,000 square foot training areas, completely renovating the existing dining facilities, and incorporating the TRADOC design standards approved for future new Starship buildings. All of the exterior windows were replaced and designed to meet current ATFP design standards.

Construction Cost:  $13 million
Completion:  2006
Architect:  Guernsey

Photos courtesy Guernsey