Civic Center Music Hall Renovation
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This 270,000 sq. ft. building was originally constructed in 1937 as a 6,000 seat municipal auditorium.  The 2001 renovation project required demolition and reconstruction of approximately 90% of the floors and walls in the interior of the building and in‑situ strengthening of the roof structure.  The project includes a completely new, acoustically‑isolated, 2,500-seat, European-style performance hall surrounded on three sides by a new five‑story atrium.  Other new amenities include an acoustically-isolated two-story high rehearsal hall, private suites, a completely new stage with a unique adjustable concert shaper and fore‑stage reflector, and a new variable-height orchestra pit. 

ZFI also provided construction engineering services to the contractor.  These services included developing phasing / bracing plans for the demolition and reconstruction of the interior of this six‑story building.   A new technique was also developed that permitted the depths of two 140 foot long trusses to be reduced by as much as 13 feet in a controlled safe manner, without removing the load from the trusses and without shoring the trusses.

Construction Cost:  $52.6 million
Completion:  2001
Architect:  Richard R. Brown Associates

Photos courtesy Roger Bondy.

Civic Center-98_1
Civic Center_combine_2