Chickasaw Nation Bricktown Ballpark
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The 290,000 square foot Ballpark is reminiscent of many of the country’s older parks. Seating for 12,000 fans has been brought close to the field of play, while the seating bowl itself wraps gently around the field, improving lines of sight.

The ballpark has three floors for fans and a service level below ground providing space for locker rooms and park operations.  The playing field is 15 feet below grade, so that when fans enter the park, the green grass stretches out in front of them. Fans enter onto the Concourse level, which is a wide fan-friendly space, allowed by the transfer girders that support the Suite and Press levels above; the transfer girders allow for a 30-foot clear span on the Concourse.

Construction Cost:  $32 million
Completion:  1998
Architect:  Architectural Design Group

Photos courtesy ADG, Inc.